Document Creation using Microsoft Access

Do you need to create documents – Word, Emails, Excel, PowerPoint – filled with data from your Office database?

create documents using microsoft access

4TOPS Document Creation lets you create the required document templates and adds VBA document generation code to your Access application in a fraction of the time! The VBA code is of the highest quality and fully accessible and can therefore easily be adapted if you need some extra features.

Microsoft Access is an extremely powerful tool for creating line of business applications. However, built-in support for creating Office documents using the data is limited, e.g. compared with Word Mail Merge. To get such documents requires writing VBA automation. This is what our 4TOPS Document Creation using Microsoft Access does for you.

Using this software is like having an extra programmer dedicated to the document creation subsystem.

Process Wizard

Specify document generation features in the wizard

The wizard lets you set up the document creation process. On completion, lean high quality VBA code is inserted into your project.

Create documents

select run the document creation process from a dialog

Once the document creation process has been defined it can be started as a macro, from the Access ribbon, the ‘Document ‘ a button on the form containing the data or as part of a larger process.


the document creation processes can be added to the application in many ways

The document creation process is straightforward VBA code. This allows you to change and extend the code as you wish, for example join several documents together in an zip file and have that automatically added to an email.

Template Designers

the template designer lets you place the bookmarks for inserting data in the required position - it even has a tool to insert and order tables

Use drag and drop to indicate where in the template content data fields and tables will be inserted when creating a new document.

Microsoft Access VBA Code

when the wizard process is ready, VBA code gets inserted into the project

The VBA Code handles the opening of the Office application (Word, Excel or PowerPoint), retrieving the data from the data source and inserting that in the new document, optionally followed by conversions to the required format (e.g. Pdf) and its storing.

Support and services

We want you to succeed. If you have any questions, please contact our support. When needed, we can also participate in the development of your Office business application.