4TOPS Query Tree Editor


As an Access developer it can be a real pain to figure out all of the related queries when trying to make modifications to your database. Just touching one query may break a number of areas. This tool helps figure all that out and reduces the analysis time in the cases a query doesn't give the result you want.

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Analyse all the dependencies of queries

ribbon with querytree

Precedent (Uses) and Dependent (Used By) show the dependencies of queries in the database as a tree. Very helpful when assessing the consequences of changes. The picture below shows in a tree all the queries that depend on a selected table or query. Double-click on the relevant queries in the tree to compare the results of each. This will help you diagnose in case a certain query doesn't return the results you expected.

Create Queries using templates

As an alternative to Access' built-in 'Simple Query Wizard', 4TOPS introduces creating queries using SQL templates. The advantages of this approach are:

SQL Editor replacement

Microsoft Access's built-in SQL editor is rather simple for the advanced programmers. 4TOPS includes a full-fledged editor with intellisense. No need to copy to NotePad and back any more.

Find Queries

Finding Queries lets you get a list of all the queries that use a certain string, e.g. a fieldname. This is useful if you plan to make changes to one or more fields and you want to see which queries will be affected. You can immediately start making the changes from the list using the SQL Editor.

Verify Queries

Verify Queries is a 1-click solution to make sure that after you make changes to the database or queries they all still work. You can immediately start fixing the broken queries from the list using the SQL Editor.