4TOPS Excel Import Assistant Import data from Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access.


4TOPS Excel Import Assistant is an add-in for Microsoft Access for importing Microsoft Excel into Microsoft Access in a controlled way. Instead of entering data one by one from a spreadsheet or another source that can be converted into a spreadsheet, the users simply need to import data, thus saving enormous amount of time and money on data entry. The wizard is typically used in situations such as a new Microsoft Access system where data needs to be moved from Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access or for regularly importing files from outside sources or from another system.
By linking Microsoft Access to your ODBC compliant database (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.) you can just as easily use the wizard to transfer Microsoft Excel data into that. Imports multiple files or sheets in one go. If 'suppress messages' is selected all rejected records are copied into a 'failed import' file where the user can correct them to subsequently re-import.
Now also supports Excel files saved as xml spreadsheet, xlsx, and dif format.

Download Online Helpsystem Excel Import Demo

When to use

4TOPS Excel Import Assistant is useful in the following situations:

  • You have to convert Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access.
  • You are currently working in Microsoft Excel and you want to export Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access.
  • The excel files you are working with contain more than just the desired data. You get the possibility to give up the ranges, e.g. B2:K29, you want to import.
  • You have to import multiple files or sheets. Do this in one go.
  • You obtain data from different sources using mail and Microsoft Excel attachments.
  • You want to replace or update data in Microsoft Access from Microsoft Excel.

Note: if the Excel Import Assistant does not have sufficient flexibility you may also consider our more advanced import tool: 4TOPS Import Validate. However the latter is somewhat less straightforward in use.