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Brief Description

Create Microsoft Word documents, PDF documents or emails using data in your Microsoft Access database.

Quick Details

2013 and 2016

works with versions 15 and 16 32-bit

mailmerge15.exe 4.0 18oct16 9.945

works with versions 14 and 14 SP1 32-bit

mailmerge14.exe 4.0 18oct16 9.587kb
2007 SP1/SP2/SP3

Microsoft Access 2007 SP compatibility issues

mailmerge12sp1.exe 4.0 18oct16 9.587kb
2007 mailmerge12.exe 4.0 18oct16 9.587kb
18oct16 mailmerge11.exe 4.0 30apr12 7.648kb
2002 mailmerge10.exe 4.0 10may11 7.648kb
2000 mailmerge9.exe 4.0 10may11 7.628kb

Instructions for use:

If you can work with the .exe setup file, getting started is a smooth process. Just run the setup and you are in business.

If your organization security does not allow you to run .exe files you will have a bit more work. From Windows XP SP2 on files distributed using zip-files are considered not secure and Windows will block them. To be able to try our product you will need to UNBLOCK a few files.

1. Extract the contents of the zip file into a folder. Do not use the \Temporary Internet File\.. folder.

2. UNBLOCK the following files:
- accessmailmerge.mde
- accessmailmergedemo.mdb
- mailmergeinstaller.mdb
- accessmailmerge.chm

3. Start accessmailmergedemo.mdb to give it a try

4. Use the Mail Merge Installer to activate Mail Merge in your own database