4TOPS Compare Spreadsheets


4TOPS Compare Spreadsheets makes it easy to find the differences between spreadsheets, workbooks and selected ranges. It generates difference reports in HTML and color highlights the different cells showing what was added, removed or changed. The Excel compare tool supports all formats that can be opened in Excel, including OpenOffice ods. Microsoft Excel must be installed for the program to work.

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Presenting the differences

4TOPS Compare Spreadsheets clearly reports where and what the different values are in two HTML reports: the Differences Report and the Visualization Report. With the hyperlinks you easily navigate from the differences report to the location where the differences.

Compare xls and more supported spreadsheet formats - now also OpenOffice ods

If you have Excel 2007 or higher installed in addition to comparing Excel files (xls*) it can also be used to compare
  • OpenOffice ods
  • Data Interchange Format (dif),
  • Symbolic Link (sylk),
  • XML Spreadsheet format (xml) and
  • Office Open XML (xlsx), obviously.